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A-BaVi Protec will focus on antimicrobial technologies to prevent diseases in respiratory system, air, hospital, food, water, and agriculture, respectively. Initial efforts will be focused on the development of antiviral respiratory devices and personal protective equipment (PPE) to respond to the current COVID-19 pandemic outbreak and diverse viral/bacterial respiratory diseases (pandemic/epidemic influenza, measles, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, varicella zoster virus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, etc) efficiently.

Surgical Mask
Air Filter
Doctors with Bacteriological Protection
A-BaVi Respiratory Protec


  • Antimicrobial face masks: surgical masks, respirators

  • Antimicrobial mask covers

A-BaVi Air Protec


  • Antimicrobial air filters

A-BaVi Medical Protec


  • Self-cleaning metal/plastic surfaces of equipment/tools/supplies used in medical treatment

  • Antimicrobial PPE products (hood, gloves, face shield, gowns, apron, leg/shoe coverings) 

To diversify our business portfolio, A-BaVi Protec will expand its business by using its unique antiviral and antibacterial technologies to prevent diseases in food, water, and agriculture. 

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